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BarWay Client Care Program

Our BarWay Client Care Program is a formal maintenance program designed to help you focus your time and energy on enjoying life, rather than chasing after the tedious but critical task of regularly ensuring that you documents are up to date. Our program is an innovative, convenient, and cost-effective way to make sure your estate plan stays updated and current.

This program keeps your estate plan up-to-date in these ways:

  1. Free Annual Attorney Review Meeting. Each year you can call to schedule a 30 minute meeting with an attorney to review your estate planning documents;
  2. Free annual “confirmation letter” verifying the terms of your estate plan. Each year a letter will be sent to you and may also review recent changes in the law and suggest revisions to your plan;
  3. Free changes of the designated trustee, personal representative (executor), agent (power of attorney and directive) and/or guardian in your estate planning documents requested without a consultation with an attorney in the Law Firm;
  4. Free revisions of your estate plan dealing with changes to individual beneficiary names or percentages requested without a consultation with an attorney in the Law Firm;
  5. 15% discount on the Law Firm’s regular legal fees for any changes to your estate planning documents not covered under this program;
  6. 10% discount on the Law Firm’s regular legal fees for any trust or estate administration work done after the death of either spouse;
  7. Free initial meeting with the executor or trustee after the death of either spouse
  8. Free Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare for your parents, siblings and adult children (over the age of 18) who are Georgia residents and who attend an estate planning seminar presented by the Law Firm;
  9. Free Legal Directives membership. This membership provides 24-hour access to your healthcare documents;
  10. Free online 24 hour access to your estate planning documents.

Bottom line: the program should be an important piece of your estate planning strategy to protect your personal assets, and effectively accomplish your estate planning goals.

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